Tiger With Shades

just breath everything will be ok <3

to all of the people that have been ditched, given ppl a second chance…FUCK that once they ditch…forget about them. 

God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

organization for school starts now 

sometime u can tell when ur being a terrible person by hurting someones inner feelings like relationships…well thats how i feel right now. not the greatest feeling so do urself a favour and not get into situation like this. #kai

to anyone out there who emails, texts, skypes, calls that one person that u have never met in person… keep them. i have a couple. they are wonderful to have to make u through the day <3 love my “pen pals”

you hind it in ur eyes, hide it in ur head

boys are never worth your tears; easier said then done. 

Why can’t I fall in love :(